PE and Sport Premium

Here at Cromer Road School we are extremely proud to have achieved the Gold School Games Mark for the last 5 years.

This is in recognition of our commitment to providing high quality sport experiences for all of our pupils in competitive and non-competitive environments.

We are determined to develop a love of physical activity in our children that will lead to embedding healthy lifestyle choices.

We are very fortunate to have our own swimming pool and every child in our School has the opportunity to swim once a week for the whole school year with a specialist swimming teacher.

The sports premium funding we have received from the Government has enabled us to become a member of the Barnet Partnership for School Sport, where we are able to take part in numerous sporting activities and competitions including; Football, Tag Rugby, Gymnastics, Athletics, Basketball, Cross Country, Dodgeball, Cricket, Tennis and KS1 festivals. We have been part of local leagues and district cup competitions in Football, Tag Rugby and Cricket. The minibus we purchased has been fundamental in increasing participation at events, enabling us to take 2 or even 3 teams.

We also use the money to fund specialist coaches to deliver high-quality sports teaching to the children and to provide mentoring and training for our staff. The coaches have also developed a range of lunch clubs available to all Year 1-6 children continuing our provision of sporting opportunities across the school.

Our school has always strived to achieve our vision of producing happy, healthy and active children and this extra funding, along with the funding already committed by the School, is certainly helping us to achieve this.

In 2019/20 we were awarded a sum of £19,580 from the Government.

From this fund we spent:

  • £1,350 on the Schools Sport Partnership (SSP)
  • £6,000 on Lunchtime Clubs to improve skills
  • £3,000 on competitions
  • £730 on League Games
  • £8,500 on sports coaching