Welcome from
the Headteacher

Cromer Road Primary School has wonderful children, committed staff and supportive parents and governors. We hope that you are excited by what we have to offer and that you share the ethos of the school.

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Message From
School Council

We love coming to Cromer Road because the children and staff are so friendly, everyone looks out for each other.

Learning is fun, interesting and teaches us things we will use later in life. We feel that we play a valuable part in contributing to make our school even better.

Cromer Road is a great community!


Our target is 97%
Week commencing 25th Sept 2023       
          Holly                       92.63%           
             Magnolia                  97.89%              
Cherry                    98.33%
              Chestnut                 99.33%             
 Maple                      96.61%
 Beech                      97.33%
 Elm                        98.33%
Juniper                    96.33%
Sycamore                97.33%
  Willow                     96.00%
 Birch                      95.67%
 Rowan                     93.00%
 Cedar                      99.26%
 Mulberry                 98.21%